by Daniela Morales

Our interaction with screens has become more and more common, not only with television and computers, but also with phones and tablets. Due to their popularity, when we think of screen interactions all we think of are buttons, clicks, and taps, a thing they all have in common as their method of input. If we go beyond this concept, there are many other forms of interactivity that our bodies can provide through a screen.

This project’s intention is to create a setting that allows the user to participate in a playful engagement with the environment, promoting the use of the whole body as an input method. The player can form part of the screen, interacting and changing the movement of the falling shapes. The aim is to bump the shapes into the openings on each side of the screen, exploring and challenging the body’s movement in different ways. They will need to analyze their motions in a strategic way in order to manipulate the shapes as needed.

As a Digital Media graduate student at UCF, we had to develop a digital project engaging to the public. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we had to shift our ideas and create a virtual representation of our projects. Since my game is based on an interactive installation, I decided to create an alternate version so everyone can play on their personal computers using a mouse. Although this changes the main interactive concept of the game, the player can still have a glimpse of the experience and have a new and entertaining activity to do during quarantine, until the installation can be exhibited safely.


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